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Starting in the fall of 2017, My wife, Amy Cooper and I will be offering an intensive course in relationship skills, entitled “Love’s Evolution”. This course is for anyone seeking to further their personal growth and mastery of relationships. The seminar teaches foundational relationship principles, communication and intimacy skills to help participants achieve their goals for a healthier connections with loved ones.

This seminar will include intensive training in Nonviolent Communication, Attachment Theory, Individuation, Mindfulness, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy Skills, and healthy practices for long-term Sexual Fulfillment. The seminar will be both educational and experiential, helping participants to learn and practice new approaches to relationship. A fuller description of the content and schedule will be available this summer.

Our culture is evolving in our understanding of what makes relationships work. Individuals are each evolving in their personal growth and life experiences. And couples can evolve their relationships to help them better realize the dreams we share for authentic, satisfying connection. To be a part of this dynamic seminar, sign up to receive more information some time this summer.


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