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Validating Feelings: Helping People Feel Understood

This technique, simple in theory, but challenging to master, has been a profound help to me in maintaining healthy relationships with everyone I know.  We are all so hungry to feel understood. If only we could be better at satisfying that hunger for each other.

Understanding AEDP:
Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

AEDP is a relatively new approach that involves a a strong emotional connection between therapist and client. Emotional awareness is developed in clients by the therapist’s willingness to deeply attune to the client’s feelings. This article explains this approach.

Setting Limits with Young Children

The most challenging thing for most parents is setting limits with firmness, compassion, and consistency. This booklet outlines a valuable formula for success in this process. You will use what you learn here over and over again.

How to Prevent “Spoiling the Children

Spoiling is a real danger. There are many families where the kids rule, and the parents have lost control. Every limit gets challenged with a temper tantrum. This dynamic is often poorly understood. But it is very preventable as this article describes.

Teenagers and Sex: Are They Ready?

Sex is often a difficult topic for parents to broach with their sons and daughters. This article can help focus an important discussion, while fostering good communication and decision-making.

Strengthening the Marriage

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your children is take some time out to strengthen your marriage. Finding time to build intimacy with your partner may take conscious effort, but it is in everyone’s best interest.

Decision Making Options For Divorced Parents

Divorced Parents may need help determining how they will make decisions about parenting in two different households. This article offers a thorough review of the options and how to minimize power struggles as you co-parent your children.

Other Articles

I have also written eighty articles on parenting over the seven years I served as a monthly columnist for parenting magazines in Santa Cruz, Marin and Sonoma counties. Contact me by email if you are looking for an article on a particular topic. I may be able to retrieve something for you from the archives.